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  VirtuBox 260910017e Add php7.3 1 year ago
  VirtuBox 3d9e8c9a6e
Update tweaks.conf 1 year ago
  VirtuBox 72ff50afd7
fix typo 1 year ago
  VirtuBox 4f4491fb88 minor changes in nginx configuration 1 year ago
  VirtuBox a343dec9fd few config improvements 1 year ago
  VirtuBox 52b17221bd update documentation and fix error in nginx conf 1 year ago
  VirtuBox 7a2a01ff8d add systemd-resolved conf 1 year ago
  VirtuBox ff36f3fb2f update configuration 1 year ago
  VirtuBox a7465e1150 add link to ee-nginx-setup repository 1 year ago
  VirtuBox 36672da93b
Update style.scss 1 year ago
  VirtuBox 1ff7f82b06
Update style.scss 1 year ago
  VirtuBox 0fe7dbbfc2
Create style.scss 1 year ago
  VirtuBox 25404bd31a remove useless link 1 year ago
  VirtuBox e38a89d2a8 Set theme jekyll-theme-cayman 1 year ago
  VirtuBox c4c4c6914a Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' 1 year ago
  VirtuBox 00191c0a2f remove html doc 1 year ago
  VirtuBox 47e5d6c39f Set theme jekyll-theme-leap-day 1 year ago
  VirtuBox fff9b9235b update documentation 1 year ago
  VirtuBox 918329510a cleanup design 1 year ago
  VirtuBox 3421364237 cleanup design 1 year ago
  VirtuBox 6a1fb3114f cleanup design 1 year ago
  VirtuBox 022b567d75
Update index.html 1 year ago
  VirtuBox aa064a8b87
Update index.html 1 year ago
  VirtuBox e06a23e914 add style.css 1 year ago
  VirtuBox e25022529c add highlightjs initialization 1 year ago
  VirtuBox 51235bc0ef full rewrite of documentation 1 year ago
  VirtuBox 57cccbc844 change www-data bash color to green 2 years ago
  VirtuBox c534442ee2 remove useless files 2 years ago
  VirtuBox 16023f2216 prepare migration of documentation 2 years ago
  VirtuBox d62e56087c update fastcgi_cache map 2 years ago
  VirtuBox 85f3c1222f update few configurations 2 years ago
  VirtuBox dde52e237b add acl.conf 2 years ago
  VirtuBox f18d58d832 update mysql settings 2 years ago
  VirtuBox 8a0b79cee9 remove few sysctl conf 2 years ago
  VirtuBox c4f36aa77f rename sysctl configuration file 2 years ago
  VirtuBox b40e7abc4e update locations configuration 2 years ago
  VirtuBox ec57ddc4c2 update sysctl.conf setup and cheat install 2 years ago
  VirtuBox bd163adf0e improve sendfile & keepalive settings 2 years ago
  VirtuBox 632fb7e9ca update common.zip with latest configurations 2 years ago
  VirtuBox 325bc49627 add anti-hack configuration in locations.conf 2 years ago
  VirtuBox e75d3bcc22 update tls1.3 ciphers suite 2 years ago
  VirtuBox d5ca2a7767
new tls 1.3 ciphers suite 2 years ago
  VirtuBox 481f7a4882
new tls 1.3 ciphers suite 2 years ago
  VirtuBox 86129ef2fc
add fail2ban missing filter 2 years ago
  VirtuBox ee12d5db5f
add fail2ban missing filter 2 years ago
  VirtuBox 0862c2fa71 beta testing on script 2 years ago
  VirtuBox fe249c6feb add more configuration example 2 years ago
  VirtuBox bf84d9ff81 add version choice for mariadb 2 years ago
  VirtuBox ba2c2173ad cleanup useless options 2 years ago
  VirtuBox 9f2b4f7150 cleanup code 2 years ago