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  VirtuBox 33bb4c3559
Update wpcommon and fix incorrect config 7 months ago
  VirtuBox bc249cbc48
Update ssh config with the latest directives 7 months ago
  VirtuBox 7428329ecd
Update WordOps link 10 months ago
  VirtuBox 8eed0e019d
Update informations 11 months ago
  VirtuBox 316a1c3817
fix acl.conf 1 year ago
  VirtuBox f283edd702 update nginx ssl_cipher suite et fix git init 1 year ago
  VirtuBox 475848d84f
fix indentation for wo info 1 year ago
  VirtuBox cabe7ac077 add warning for outdated documentation 1 year ago
  VirtuBox 4cd918ac81 update github page 1 year ago
  VirtuBox 1a8b37e41b fix missing git init 1 year ago
  VirtuBox 8f3c771256
Update README.md 1 year ago
  VirtuBox aadd520213
Update README.md 1 year ago
  VirtuBox c0e6a456ce remove useless section after wordops update 1 year ago
  VirtuBox 6cf34f6946 update upstreams 1 year ago
  VirtuBox f94523cdfc fix php pool listen directive 1 year ago
  VirtuBox a38bb19d66 replace EE link with WordOps 1 year ago
  VirtuBox 7e0bfd436c fix feature policy headers 1 year ago
  VirtuBox ea1eea1420 fix typo 1 year ago
  VirtuBox ec243e81c1 fix typo 1 year ago
  VirtuBox 6d671f4968 updates about wo-nginx-setup 1 year ago
  VirtuBox babc38a489 php-fpm pool name fix 1 year ago
  VirtuBox b543bf8a45 update nginx conf 1 year ago
  VirtuBox 13abb54e38 README rewrite in progress 1 year ago
  VirtuBox e7c9a78a00 Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/VirtuBox/ubuntu-nginx-web-server 1 year ago
  VirtuBox d035083947 several configurations updated 1 year ago
  VirtuBox c4b9ec3136
Merge pull request #25 from vikas5914/patch-1 1 year ago
  Vikas Kapadiya 8cab33e334
Allow Ubuntu user for Aws servers 1 year ago
  VirtuBox 191f9836af fix typo 1 year ago
  VirtuBox 6d8c6edf91 cleanup configurations fro wordops 1 year ago
  VirtuBox a499ae8475 update opcache settings 1 year ago
  VirtuBox df3c635e77
set opcache revalidation frequency to 30s 1 year ago
  VirtuBox 856adcc44c update github page too 1 year ago
  VirtuBox ea240c490f add news about wordops 1 year ago
  VirtuBox a12772f17e reduce MySQL memory usage 1 year ago
  VirtuBox d85e2b63d3 remove old gzip configurations 1 year ago
  VirtuBox dcff1216ed replace php5.6 and php7.0 by php7.2 1 year ago
  VirtuBox 26ae7a9ec7 fix php7.3-fpm pool duplicate port 1 year ago
  VirtuBox e62301de87 add chdir settings to php-fpm pools 1 year ago
  VirtuBox 260910017e Add php7.3 1 year ago
  VirtuBox 3d9e8c9a6e
Update tweaks.conf 1 year ago
  VirtuBox 72ff50afd7
fix typo 1 year ago
  VirtuBox 4f4491fb88 minor changes in nginx configuration 1 year ago
  VirtuBox a343dec9fd few config improvements 1 year ago
  VirtuBox 52b17221bd update documentation and fix error in nginx conf 1 year ago
  VirtuBox 7a2a01ff8d add systemd-resolved conf 1 year ago
  VirtuBox ff36f3fb2f update configuration 1 year ago
  VirtuBox a7465e1150 add link to ee-nginx-setup repository 1 year ago
  VirtuBox 36672da93b
Update style.scss 1 year ago
  VirtuBox 1ff7f82b06
Update style.scss 1 year ago
  VirtuBox 0fe7dbbfc2
Create style.scss 1 year ago